Born in Zamora, Mexico, Michoacan on July 14, 1994.






"S t a r t e d with no materials, and just my hands to create art on cardboard. It's amazing how you begin to accumulate tools with time, and not drown yourself in materials you think you need to create art."


Marco Alejandro Silva's passion for art began in pre-school when he covered his hand in red paint and left his impression on a big sheet of paper. It wasn't until his second year of univeristy during a marketing lecture that he regained his interest in the arts and began his journey to become more self-aware of one of the most important aspects that makes us human. Our emotional intelligence side.

That same year he visited an art museum for the very first time. Enamored of all the great art, he visited the museum four consecutive days from open to close. He credits one piece in particular by Rembrandt van Rijn titled 'Portrait of a Boy' for influencing his distinctive painting style. He found himself looking at a much younger self, and after spending a great deal of time appreciating this piece asked himself:

When did your passion for creativity diminish?

Now a visual artist based in California, Marco has continued to develop a language allowing him to depict his journal entries as a visual map that acts as a guide for navigating his emotions through both the dark times and good times.  

He invites the viewer to dig deep within themselves and discover some new ways of reinforcing their happiness, creative drive, and passion by integrating art into everyday life.


I truly believe we all have the capacity to make the world a better place no matter what position we have. Everyone deserves an opportunity to become a better version of themselves from someone with an open heart and open mind.


We are currently in the fourth industrial revolution, and the next generation of World Leaders will have a unique blend of Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Savvy expertise in true human connection. 


That is why for the past two years I’ve been laser-focused truly connecting, building community, and acquiring strong interpersonal skills mentoring at-risk youth. Serving to a greater cause than self.


Coaching with compassion and a genuine concern for their needs and wants.

Truly Connecting!

And what does it mean to truly connect?

TRULY CONNECTING means taking the time to understand 







I’ve learned that mentoring starts with meeting someone where they are at, and not by how you want them to be. Actively listening to their ideas.


It’s one thing to appreciate art. It’s another to understand the artist pain.

It’s one thing to appreciate art. It’s another to understand the artist pain.

Considering their feelings, needs, and wants.


And what does this mean?

It means we are all a work in progress just like a marketing plan. There is always room for improvement in this ever-changing world we live in with new information, new tools, new tech, and questions that spark our curiosity to innovate, evolve, and utilize to add value to not only our life, but the people we serve.