Self-Reflection: How often should we ask ourslves questions?

We ask questions to learn, but how often do we take the time to ask questions to really learn about ourselves. Questions that expose ourselves to new ideas and help to define where we are headed. Where we currently stand as an individual vs as a professional.

Sample Questions:

  • What sparks our interest?
  • What motivates us to become better individuals?
  • How can we integrate everything that we've learned thus far to become 1, 2, or even 10 steps closer to reaching our dreams?
  • How can we give back to the world?

It is by asking questions that we narrow our focus, and figure out what is WITHIN our CORE

Allowing ourselves to dig deep, and discover the reason behind WHY we are SO PASSIONATE about xyz.

I believe art serves as a powerful tool that allows us to become self-aware of our current state of mind. Only we know what is truly going on within our minds.

  • We are human
  • We make mistakes
  • We have emtions

If we are in a position of leadership, then it's even more important to take the time to self-reflect in order to become better synchronized with the people around us. Creating a positive aura wherever we go because we understand ourselves. Art can provide us with a totally different perspective through color, distortion, motion, texture, etc.

How we choose to connect with art is totally up to us. 

There is no better time than now for finding our creative art side. Being consistent and progressing forward each and every day. Connecting and sharing ideas with others as we enter the fourth industrial revolution. Ideas becoming more important. Ideas that have the power to change the world.

Final thoughts:

I'm interested in hearing what everyone's dream is in the long run.

My dream in the long run is to obtain my own creative space that helps the youth strengthen their creative drive through the arts. I chose to study Business Marketing because I wanted to set up a foundation for myself to be able to better interpret data, and create value to xyz audience. Make a difference in the world. Ultimatley, make the word a better place. Although Marketing is a relatively new field of study compared to finance, economics, management, etc., it's a field that is becoming more important in the digital world we live in.

Are you doing what you thought you would be doing in this point in your life? What did you study, and how much has it helped you in the career you are in now? Are you satisfied with what you do?

This is just the beginning for me as an artist. I invite you to dig deep within yourself, and discover some new ways of reinforcing your happiness, creative drive, and passion by integrating art in your life. 

~Marco Alejandro Silva

Interested in seeing more art? Explore my website to see my collection of artworks.

It's amazing to see how we progress as individuals.

Begin to find or enhance the way you measure your state of mind.

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    'Red Farm', February 2016

    You can either use your imagination or knowledge to try and decipher an artwork. How or why a title is 'XYZ' is a starting point for the viewer . It's not a mandatory excercise that you have to take on, and try to answer. It's what is great about art. If there is a piece of work that you do not like, you can simply move on. If not, then what might occur is an endless debate on what is considered great art.