Born in Zamora, Mexico, Michoacan on July 14, 1994.


Artist Statement

I create art because it allows me to become better connected with knowledge, my sensibility, and my surroundings.

I can recall the first time I ever came in contact with paint in pre-school when I covered my hand in red paint, and put my handprint on a big sheet of paper.

My passion for the arts sort of drifted away as I advanced further in my education.

I developed the habit of writing my thoughts down in high school unaware of how important it would be for my process in creating any type of artwork. Being able to have access to this retrospective of thoughts would add fuel to my confidence in my work.

I believe art stems from knowledge, and I direct my focus towards the driving force behind knowledge. For me, that force is self-motivation. Following my gut instincts to become better.

Imagine the impact of creating various templates for individuals who lack motivation, and enabling them to want to learn regardless of their situation through art. Templates being fine art paintings, not just mine, but from other artist as well that people somehow connect to, and help them obtain new connections. Being able to manage our emotions through art in order to become better effective leaders.  I was introduced to this idea of finding a life template in the fine arts by Dr. Carter, a marketing professor I had in university. I have since then been on a journey to obtain more knowledge about art, and great artist such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Édouard Manet, and Edgar Degas.

One piece in particular by Rembrandt van Rijn titled, ‘Portrait of a Boy’, 1655-60 had a tremendous impact for me as an artist. When looking at this piece at the Norton Simon Museum, I found myself looking at a much younger me. After spending a great deal of time appreciating this piece I asked myself:

 “When did your passion for creativity diminish?”

It was a tough question that I did not answer immediately, but gradually was able to see this big timeline of my education in my mind, and it was clear. Throughout my education, there has been less focus on stimulating the mind through creativity each passing school year.

My artworks stimulate my mind in ways that words cannot describe. They are created with the intention of serving as a tool, language, and metric. A tool that could be used in the future to decipher the high emotional content that has been embedded within them. A new language that provokes questions in order to align my self-image 5, 10, or however x number of years from now. A metric to keep track of my progress in self-awareness. 

It wasn’t until my trip to Paris in the summer of 2016 that enabled me to really connect with my ideas that I incorporate in my work. Much of my time in Paris was spent visiting sitting in a café, writing my thoughts down, observing my surroundings, and drinking un café. Being in an entirely new place that was rich in culture fascinated me, and influenced the use of more vibrant colors for my most recent work.

It’s amazing what happens if you take the time to sit, and simply think.

Stimulating the mind, and obtaining a new sensibility towards life is a start for what I want my art to evoke. 

I invite you to dig deep within yourself, and discover some new ways of reinforcing your happiness, creative drive, and passion by integrating art in your life

Let's make the world a better place. 

- Marco Alejandro Silva